About the Company

Innovative Thinking Pty Ltd is a young dynamic team of developers specializing in building mobile and web-based data collection and management systems.

Innovative Thinking was established in 2012 by Brad and Langa out of the need for a more efficient means of collecting and managing data on construction sites. With the large amount of paperwork and administrative requirements in construction particularly with OHS, a solution was developed to better capture and manage repetitive and regular reporting.

In early 2013, the security forms application was developed for the security industry.

Since then the company has developed and continues to develop systems for data capture, management and reporting.

Paperless Reporting

Collection of information is still largely done on paper. Through the DCMS System (Data Capture & Management Solutions) information is collected digitally, either on mobile devices or through web and desktop based applications designed to simplify, control and improve the efficiency of data collection, management and reporting.

Current Products & Projects


Security Forms App

The Security Forms SAAS (Software as a Service) application is a product designed for the private security industry focused on managing incident reporting, client meetings and visitations, risk assessments and HR management.


Health & Safety Forms App

The H&S Forms SAAS (Software as a Service) application is a product designed for the construction industry focused on managing health and safety reporting, meeting compliance obligations as well as monitoring health and safety performance.


MHSC Incident Reporting

A prototype system for the electronic capturing of incident details, data and analytics for the MHSC (Mining Health and Safety Council)


Municipal Payment Tracking

A payment tracking system designed for the Emfuleni Municipality in partnership with On Board Consulting Engineers. The system is designed to track payment status through the various stages and departments in the municipality from receipt of payment certificates until final stage and payment.


On Board Project Management

The redesign and deployment of a project management system for On Board Consulting.
(Project Details protected by disclosure agreement)


Time & Attendance Management

A custom time and attendance system for the Bryanston Sub Acute step-down facility. A mobile system for clocking staff in and out as well as managing shifts, overtime and integration with the payroll system.


  • Accurate capture of information and real-time reporting.
  • Cloud storage: ease of access to reports.
  • Tasks and notifications alerts can be assigned to improve response and action times.
  • Live dashboard console.
  • Analytics on crime patterns.

App Features

  • Drop down and tick box selection.
  • Mandatory Fields.
  • Autocorrect and spell check
  • Dynamic fieldsand conditional responses
  • Legal Binding Digital Signatures
  • GPS Location
  • In-Report Photos
  • NFC Tag Reader